Tuesday, October 23, 2018


Aura of Influence 

Aura of Influence is one's awareness as to how their actions not only impact those around them, but return to impact them.
Here’s a look: For years one of my jobs was to "read the players around the table."
What I learned is that the majority of players around the table busied themselves reading the others so aggressively they neglected to "read themselves." They didn't factor themselves into the equation. They'd contribute rudeness, then blame the others when the deal fell apart. 
We’ve become very “disconnected” as to how our actions factor into our Aura of Influence.
You hear the whine, “All I did was get in that bitch’s face and spit on her. I don’t know why she punched me.”
It’s that rare person who recognizes when they’ve behaved unacceptably, apologizes, and then gets to work improving their behavior. 
The Benghazi hearing was an amplified example of this disconnect. Hillary Clinton refused to accept responsibility for her actions as Secretary of State. 
There’s not a private sector business manager in the world, who’d get by with running a business the way Hillary ran that department. Especially if their actions resulted in the death of an employee. 
Democrats encourage the mob hit environment, yet claim they don't.
Congress created the dangerous border war, yet declare innocence.
A magnified example of a human wholly disconnected from their actions is former President Barack Obama. Picture, "you didn't build that, I did." 
The disconnected cause accidents, steal time from innocents, endanger lives and bring death - while caring not.
We work hard to become great tennis players, doctors, mountaineers, actors, skiers, chefs, attorneys, politicians, whatever’s, but fail to work on becoming a great human with sterling character.
What's your Aura of Influence? Is it what you want it to be?

Sunday, October 9, 2016


A quick mention: As I was scanning through photos of General Patton, there were instead photos of women with their legs wide open, women with their teats hanging out, ads shouting Best Erection Pill and THINGS YOU'VE DONE WRONG ALL YOUR LIFE!
On streets you see billboards showcasing pedophilia under the guise of clothes ads, and step on the faces of someone's child whose life became a pamphleted brochure about her whoring skills.
Research is a dangerous, for the trail to facts is always interrupted with penis envy pop ups.
Yesterday, my Mom could walk into Paul's Drug Store in Papillion, NE and simply motion to Paul, "Put those Playboys behind the counter where children can't see them." He did.
Today's Paul would call an attorney and the news then issue a statement, "I'm suing Mrs. Bell! She's an uptight right wing, Republican moron, idiot, bossy old bitch."
Walk through any store, and you hear people talking loudly and unfiltered "F this and I don’t give a S that.”
But I don’t say a word.
In 1965, I went to a park in Omaha. A big fight broke out. As one of the shirtless fighters crashed on my picnic table, I said, "Why don't you go home and have your Momma change your diaper?"
He answered, "Why don't you go home and F yourself."
Never again would I confront a crude angry person. They could silence me with a knife stabbing. Particularly today.
There’s a movement to outlaw the fattening the liver of a duck or goose through a process of force-feeding to get Foie Gras. Contrarily, it’s acceptable to fatten the mind of a baby with evil thoughts, through force-feeding to get little Billy Clinton replicates. I guess.
There’s also the Hillary option of killing the baby in uteri.
In about 1986, Father Kros told me, "I'm seeing a future generation of children who won't know right from wrong."
I thought he was joking.
We're here.
We're here.


To those whose water's being stolen in CO - or pick any state in the West - Republicans bailing on Trump does not a surprise.
They, with Democrats, Progressives et al, are in bed together in the business of seizing control of our water.
The most fertile imaginations can't even come close to how water thieves confuse, threaten, manipulate, pay off and collude with many of our elected officials and news reporters.
I've tried hard (ask anyone) to get a reporter to investigate this. Some started, but then without a word inked, stopped.
Because he'd do a terrific job, I've asked Dinesh D'Souza, "Please do 'Water Runners. A Documentary about America's Water Running Cartel."'
Trust me folks. It's not Ms. Clinton versus Donald Trump, it's Water Rights Owners versus the Water Running Cartel.
Donald Trump in on the side of Water Rights Owners. Hillary Clinton made her commitment to killing fields.
What your choice boils down to in this entire election for POTUS is: Do you want Trump - who will protect your right to eat food? Or do you want Hillary - who wants you to eat cake; flourless, eggless, milkless, sugarless cake?
Think long and realistically about this kiddos.
Thank you.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016


Knowing how damn deliberately misleading far too many print reporters are these days, I no longer read the Denver Post, Greeley Tribune and most magazines.
Chuck reads them. When he finds something he thinks I should read, he'll mark.
Well just now I finished wading through a stack of articles about water, federal land, global warming, politics and feral horses.
Yup! The blood pressure went up!
To list a few:
1) Not one reporter has dug into the S. Platte River water corruption, or  laid out senior and junior water rights in their correct chronology.
2) "Federal" land is incorrectly referred as "public" land.
3) "Feral" horses are incorrectly referred to as "wild."
4) "Prairie Rodents" are incorrectly referred to as "dogs."
5) "Republic" has been sinfully replaced with the word democracy. Even Hillary shows disrespect for the United States Constitution, by calling our Republic a democracy.
6) "Climate scientists" are incorrectly called "climate deniers."  Now that one's a stunner; for regardless one's take on the climate, none "deny" it.
7) "Consensus" has replaced the honest "count of the raised hand."
8) The claim: "Polar bears are decreasing." Truth: Science bears out bears are increasing.
9) The claim: Bundy cows trespassed. Truth: Bundy cows had an easement.
10) The claim: Hammonds burned federal property. Truth: Hammonds burned their own forage.
11) The claim: CO2 is bad. Truth: Look it up!
12) The claim: Giving money to Al Gore will stop the sun from shining. Truth: Guess.
Good grief. If this common homemaker farm girl knows these things, why don't they? 
To any reporter who might read this, I ask that you please be cognizant of this: Misleading claims bring wrongful accusations followed by significant harm to the accused.
If you care to accurately report on any of the before listed, please let me know. I'd be honored to introduce you to the vetted experts in each of these areas.
If you have no interest in accurate reporting, then know you've chosen to ink innocents to death.  
Thank you,
Momma Roni

Thursday, September 22, 2016


by Momma Roni
Betcha if you did an honest survey of people who have had wolves/grizzlies/bison/feral horses/prairie rats and sage grouse forced on them, you'd find they are vilified by those who haven't "volunteered" one damn minute or penny towards those critters board and room!
If you want to see authentic bigotry, peruse any threads by Anti-industrialists/ranchers/farmers/miners/loggers/fishermen and you'll witness non-stop loathing and venomous hatred.
The Anti's have zero tolerance towards the man who grows your veggies, the lady who milks cows, the young person who fishes or runs cattle, the guy who brings you coal, the lady who engineers the latest tool and die.
The Anti's livelihoods aren't dependent on a 24-7, 365 un-glamourous work.
When a person's livelihood is dependent on weathering the weather, getting slapped in the face with a manured tail, dealing with rank bureaucrats, bulls and rams, understanding taxes and herbicides, juggling markets and trucks, their opinions differ from the Anti's who mostly sit in offices trying to create new ways to harm the before mentioned.
As one who's livelihood was once dependent on dairy farming, then raising four children in a city, then full circle back to a farm, I've worked in and deeply observed both urban and rural.
The cavernous divide between urban and rural is why I gladly tried to help Jeffrey T. Hare on the 51st State Initiative.
The divide is greater today, and yes, that's makes me very sad.
On Facebook, I've read many who, just because they once "visited a farm," tout themselves as "experts" in the Ag world.
But they reveal their ignorance the minute they open their mouths with, "You're wrong. You're stupid. You take our spa water to grow stuff that kills us! You need to be regulated off the planet!"
Some portend to be cowboys. But the minute a real deal Cowboy asks for help, they suddenly, "Have a job. Can't miss work," or, "need to be paid."
Hell! The real deal Cowboy has "a job. Can't miss work," and would like to be paid too. But instead, the Anti's and faux cowboys conjure up crap that forces the real deal Cowboy into getting off their horse, clean up, go into town, spend their money on fuel- hiring someone to continue calving out - meals and a room (if they have to stay in town), just to meet with the faux cowboy and their clients who want the real deal Cowboy dead.
The faux cowboy's never had to endure loosing their profit margin to Bureaucrat Control.
An Anti has never heard some dumbass Anti snarkily say, "Oh look. That mean farmer doesn't want to feed the poor and hungry."
Those are just a few of the reasons why, I keep asking, "Come walk with me."
The Anti's aren't bad people. They're just deliberately misled by bad people!
One week with me, and at the least, Anti's will learn goodness and mercy.
a) We're not bad people deserving to be imprisoned or shot. b) We're fair. c) We dig for truth and facts in the soil and boardrooms. d) We're slow to talk, because we try to think before we talk. e) We're nice to everyone...equally! f) We love animals. g) In addition to knowing our products are dependent on our great stewardship of the land and water, we simply love beauty. We love pretty view sheds. h) We love talent! Whether it comes out in music, acting, painting, photography, inventions or walking on a high open beam. i) We take pride in providing food, clothes and shelter. j) Should you get stuck, we're always ready to bail off the tractor and help. k) We raise likeable children. l) We have manners. m) We read books. o) We sing in the choir. p) We serve on the school/church/whatever board. q) We're honest. r) We still tip our hats and open doors for ladies. s) We love it when our man brings us a flower in his calloused tanned hands. t) We pitch the ball for our dogs, and make hay beds for our kitties. u) We salute our United States of America flag, and defend your right not to. v) We will continue to protect you, even though you hate us for "having a gun." w) We know economics. x) We love comedians who are actually - funny. y) Though we may disagree with you, we'll never hit you below the belt nor strip you your pride. z) We're not bigots nor racists.
We're just plain ol' nice folks. We'd appreciate your reciprocation in kind.
Come walk with me.
Thank you,
Momma Roni

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Wednesday, Chuck hooked up the trailer, loaded "Wolf," and headed for New Mexico.
He's become a professional "trail rider."
The week before, he busied himself hauling tons of dirt into the barn yard and paddock, "to fill those holes you wanted filled Roni!" he justified; further instructing, "All you have to do..."
The truth of the deal? He just loves playing with his life-sized Tonka Toys!
OK. OK. I confess though. After 6 years of grading the paddock, I managed to drop the dirt level next to the concrete slab... about a foot.
Also, there were big holes behind the shop, making the simple task of pulling weeds treacherous.
Specially if you're old, like me, and never practiced the fine art of hanging onto the "straight up and down" side of a slippery dirt cliff.
Last summer, my calls "help, help" were for not, as my attempt to pull that last damn wild carrot weed darn near threw me into the seep ditch.
"NEVER AGAIN CHUCK!" I hollered!
"NEVER AGAIN will I put myself into that position! What if I'd slid all the way in, and the swift irrigation flow carried me down stream, through the woods pasture and dumped me into the Platte River where I'd go over the dam and end up back in Nebraska where I started!"
"You get something in there now!" I ordered The Chuckster.
So Chuck "Played, and played, and played...and Boy did I have FUN!" for a week.
His toys were scattered all over the farm.
Dump truck here, Backhoe there, Small loader over yonder, Big front loader in-my-yard!.
I couldn't back the car out the garage without hitting a cone that let us know, "There's a BIG fork there!"
Barbie Tractor tried digging in, but it was simply too big a job.
She kept over-heating, then finally dug in her little tires, coughed and apologized, "I can't Roni. Get Big Fordie. He can do it."
Chuck put a grader blade on Big Fordie and left farm, saying, "All you have to do is......"
Men always do that.
Don't they.
Men think we women are, "All you have to do is...." people, whereas THEY are, "Come! Look what I did! I did a BIG job today! It was HARD and took ALL day!
But I have one more thing little thing to do. With your help it'll only take a minute, because "All you have to do is...while I ....."
Then it's always something that involves going at least 50 miles with a flat bed, a few chains, baling string and a tarp.
Farm boys don't have a concept of time. So their requests generally begin around dusk, and you don't get home until temperature's dropped at least 20 degrees, you're frozen, dinner's burnt, and you're too dang tired to eat anyway.
You just want a Bud Lime Lite while catching Glenn Beck's midnight show.
So yesterday, I hoped on Big Fordie and started on the barnyard pile.

In the foreground of the "Before" picture, you'll see the deposit "Wolf" left before loading for New Mexico.
This is the "After" picture.

The Paddock picture...well I tried to level that dirt, but, Fordie's tire (see front right) was going flat, and he just couldn't make the sharp turns required without crashing into the barn.
Besides, that blade is that, "Chuck! I thought I told you I won't use that blade because it drifts!" and makes 12 inch drops off concrete slabs.
So - I quit with the barnyard (as you'll see in the "After" picture).
I'll wait for Barbie to get re-tuned. For she, with her cooperative blade and pleasant demeanor, does "finishing work" the way every woman does "finishing work." Perfectly. :-)
Stay tuned.
There's a MOUNTAIN of dirt in a swill in the woods pasture Barbie, Fordie and I have to smooth out next.
That's OK. After all, "All we have to do is..."

I just loved reading about how your day went. You have such a natural gift for writing. I can picture exactly the scene you are describing. You really need to write a book about your life and your experiences.
The video that you sent showing how a Norwegian gets his tractor unstuck was simply a joy to watch. http://www.boreme.com/boreme/funny-2011/how-to-get-tractor-out-of-mud-p1.php
It gave me chuckles for the rest of the day, while I was super cleaning the house. My 2 sons were out of the house, actually out of the state, as they went up to Oklahoma to visit some friends. This was the perfect time for me to do all the jobs that I normally don’t do, as I am constantly being interrupted, or they ask me, “Do you have to do that now?” look on their faces.
I thought of those Norwegians and said to myself, "this is how an American would solve this problem."
An American would take his cell phone out of his pocket, and dial his closest neighbor and ask him to bring the big tractor, chains, and the whole 9 yards of equipment as you so clearly described in your description of what Chuck asks you to get for him when he asks you to do one more little thing for him.
Now this would break down into another category, depending if you are a Northerner, or a Southerner.
A Northerner would bring all that you would require, and then some, because you never would know what the weather could bring on in minutes. He would come and pull you out with his big Tonka tractor as you called it, then he would wave you good by and be on his way as he has lots to do while the sun still shines. This was before someone invented those big lights on top up the tractors that they have now a days.
A Southerner would come and then sit a while and decide what the best course of action that could, or should be taken. Then the matter is discussed for a while, along with the price of cotton and other essential matters. After a long discussion and the agreement as to what is the best course of action is to take, they would hook up the big tractor and pull your little tractor out of the hole. And of course the little tractor guy would invite the big tractor man to come to the house and have a cup of coffee and a nice slice of pie, as his wife was baking that morning. The type of pie would depend on what fruit was in season. This could be in the spring, or it could be in the fall, as both seasons have their respective problems of too much rain, if you are lucky to have any rain at all.
After shooting the bull for awhile, drinking more coffee, the big tractor guy would decide that there was not much sun shinning in the sky so he might as well stay for dinner, and before you know it the moon is raising over the horizon and you are still discussing this and that before the big tractor man ducks out of your front door, and waves you good by, saying, ‘It was sure dumb of you letting your little tractor get stuck that way. You should have waited till the ground was a little drier."
Why put off today what you can do tomorrow?
And that is the difference between a Northerner and a Southerner. The Northerner knows because of the climate he has just a small window of decent weather, and to him there is no difference between the two opposites, as it all has to be done whether it is decent out or not. A Southerner can take it a little easier because he knows that if he waits long enough it matters will soon take its course and the sun will shine again.
Now that Norwegian did not need the EU, European Union to tell him what to do, how to do it, when to do it, if you can do it, its permission to do it, he just went ahead and did it. I wish that we had more guys like that Norwegian in our government. He just saw a problem and went ahead and fixed the problem, and went on his way.
Loved reading you stories Roni, and I salute you in all that you do. You did a fine job in cleaning out the paddock! In spite of all the difficulties that you had you managed to get the job done somehow with cheerfulness and laughter. Laughter is the best medicine we have that we can share with others.
Yesterday after my sons came home from Oklahoma, they were telling me about their friends neighbors Great Dane that comes over to visit them. The Great Dane was so big, that when the dog leaned on you to pet him, he could almost tip you over, he was so heavy. Then they mentioned that they also have a pet bull. A pet bull I asked, who would have a pet bull? How big was this pet bull? Well it turns out my son was talking about their friends pit bull, not a pet bull.
Just one little letter can make such a big difference in telling a story. Like members of congress, just one little letter can make a whole lot of difference between this and that.
Love Colleen
So later, I tackled the mountain of dirt Chuck piled in the woods.
That's him in the front loader:

And then Big Fordie and I came in a smoothed it all out.
Here's the "After" picture.

The End! :-)

Thursday, March 17, 2011


Question: What about this Obama presidency?
Momma Roni: An Obama presidency had to happen. It's busting the log jam and flushing out the rats homed within.
Question: He seems like he's in a chronic confused state. Is he?
Momma Roni: He committed to missions by handlers not of the Republican-Democracy bent.
They keep him anesthetized until they need him.
At such time they wind him up, he spurts "Let me be clear," then clearly runs into the wall.
But, we the people should ignore these theatrics, and go about the serious business of abolishing
income tax and transitioning in the American Consumer Tax; if, we are to survive that is.