Tuesday, October 23, 2018


Aura of Influence 

Aura of Influence is one's awareness as to how their actions not only impact those around them, but return to impact them.
Here’s a look: For years one of my jobs was to "read the players around the table."
What I learned is that the majority of players around the table busied themselves reading the others so aggressively they neglected to "read themselves." They didn't factor themselves into the equation. They'd contribute rudeness, then blame the others when the deal fell apart. 
We’ve become very “disconnected” as to how our actions factor into our Aura of Influence.
You hear the whine, “All I did was get in that bitch’s face and spit on her. I don’t know why she punched me.”
It’s that rare person who recognizes when they’ve behaved unacceptably, apologizes, and then gets to work improving their behavior. 
The Benghazi hearing was an amplified example of this disconnect. Hillary Clinton refused to accept responsibility for her actions as Secretary of State. 
There’s not a private sector business manager in the world, who’d get by with running a business the way Hillary ran that department. Especially if their actions resulted in the death of an employee. 
Democrats encourage the mob hit environment, yet claim they don't.
Congress created the dangerous border war, yet declare innocence.
A magnified example of a human wholly disconnected from their actions is former President Barack Obama. Picture, "you didn't build that, I did." 
The disconnected cause accidents, steal time from innocents, endanger lives and bring death - while caring not.
We work hard to become great tennis players, doctors, mountaineers, actors, skiers, chefs, attorneys, politicians, whatever’s, but fail to work on becoming a great human with sterling character.
What's your Aura of Influence? Is it what you want it to be?

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