Sunday, October 9, 2016


A quick mention: As I was scanning through photos of General Patton, there were instead photos of women with their legs wide open, women with their teats hanging out, ads shouting Best Erection Pill and THINGS YOU'VE DONE WRONG ALL YOUR LIFE!
On streets you see billboards showcasing pedophilia under the guise of clothes ads, and step on the faces of someone's child whose life became a pamphleted brochure about her whoring skills.
Research is a dangerous, for the trail to facts is always interrupted with penis envy pop ups.
Yesterday, my Mom could walk into Paul's Drug Store in Papillion, NE and simply motion to Paul, "Put those Playboys behind the counter where children can't see them." He did.
Today's Paul would call an attorney and the news then issue a statement, "I'm suing Mrs. Bell! She's an uptight right wing, Republican moron, idiot, bossy old bitch."
Walk through any store, and you hear people talking loudly and unfiltered "F this and I don’t give a S that.”
But I don’t say a word.
In 1965, I went to a park in Omaha. A big fight broke out. As one of the shirtless fighters crashed on my picnic table, I said, "Why don't you go home and have your Momma change your diaper?"
He answered, "Why don't you go home and F yourself."
Never again would I confront a crude angry person. They could silence me with a knife stabbing. Particularly today.
There’s a movement to outlaw the fattening the liver of a duck or goose through a process of force-feeding to get Foie Gras. Contrarily, it’s acceptable to fatten the mind of a baby with evil thoughts, through force-feeding to get little Billy Clinton replicates. I guess.
There’s also the Hillary option of killing the baby in uteri.
In about 1986, Father Kros told me, "I'm seeing a future generation of children who won't know right from wrong."
I thought he was joking.
We're here.
We're here.

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